Darashkol lake

“All around is primitive, grandiose, majestic: in a mighty ring these mountains have stretched and departed into the infinite distance. Soft lines shifted, one after another, mixed into a labyrinth of contours and retreated into the elusive distance of the azure air.” Painter Grigory Choros-Gurkin.

Turquois Katun river

“Katun is welcoming. The Blue Mountains are resonant. White is Belukha. The flowers are vivid and the green grasses and cedars are calming. Who has said that Altay is cruel and un-approachable? Whose heart has become fearful of the austere power and beauty?” -Nicholas Roerich

Sunset in Altay mountains

The Altay Mountains are the cradle of many nations. From here Scythian, Hun and Turkish tribes flowed along the endless expanses of Eurasia. Here it were found countless archaeological sites, which due to their historical and cultural significance are to the world treasury of mankind.

Sceneries from Plateau Ukok

Hundreds of different types and cultures of archeological sites were discovered on the Ukok, which include funerary, religious, settler complexes, petro glyphs, stone geometric laying, deer stones and Ancient Turkic statues.

Katu-Yaryk passover and Chulyshman river valley

The most picturesque passover of Altay land. Unique for its unusual slopes symmetry: the descend to the Chulyshman river valley is a 3,5 long zigzag with grade of 70º.


Ukok Princess returns home

The mummy of “Altay Princess,” a young woman from the Pazyryk culture, found by archaeologists on the Siberian Ukok Plateau in 1993, will be transported in a glass sarcophagus to the Anokhin

GOTO Altay participated in ITB-2012

The exhibition was held from 7 to March 11, 2012. Annual Exhibition ITB Berlin is the largest international event in the tourism industry, during which various workshops, seminars, meetings with experts, round

To the ice peaks of Belukha

The absolute height of a two-headed Belukha is 4,506m above the sea level (it`s the height of its eastern top), the western top is a bit shorter: “only” 4,440m. The slopes of

Legend of Altay: old shaman

Many years ago an old and wise shaman used to live in blue and white Altai. Great was his power: he knew how to ask Sevensky Ulgen for prosperity and welfare of

Who is Kaichi? Altaian throat singing

A Kaychi is a Taleswapper, a man who tells legends – epic tales, heroic national epos. But the story is told in a special way, in a Kai way – by throat

El-Oiyn festival – Altaian Olympic games

El–Oiyn is a national holiday, which gathers together all Altai people and even guests from abroad. Translating from the Altai language, “el” means “people” and “oiyn” means “game, competition”, literally the holiday

Legend of Altay: Mistress Katun

When the mountains were younger and the land was richer a big and wealthy tribe lived in Altay. People were beautiful and strong and a generous land and water gifted them their…